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National Aviation Consortium

Our country’s aviation employers offer some of the best careers in the nation, but they can’t find enough skilled workers to fill their positions. Our solution: the National Aviation Consortium.

At the National Aviation Consortium (NAC) we celebrate the achievements of our graduates and those currently enrolled in our aviation and manufacturing programs. NAC students may vary in age and experience, but they all arrive with the same goal in mind, to expand their knowledge, learn a trade, obtain certification and build a better future for themselves and their families. Ultimately, student success is our success, and we're proud to share their stories.

Michael Minor Jr.
Melissa Pinske
The loss of a job is never an easy thing for a family to deal with, but every now and then, it opens up a new possibility. Often, when we're forced out of our comfort zone, good things happen. Our student success story this month is Melissa Pinske, a woman who...
Orlando Soto
After graduating from high school, many young adults are still uncertain about their desired career path. As a popular internet meme suggests, "Last week I still had to raise my hand to go to the bathroom. How can I be ready to adult?" With NAC accelerated...

NAC by the Numbers...

Important information regarding students served, grant budget data, demographics, and more! Check out the NAC statistics for April in full-color detail....

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WATC Programs Win 23...

Each year, Skills USA holds state and national competitions allowing students to compete in individual and group challenges based on their field of study. Recently, WATC competed at the state level...

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Wichita Promise –...

Wichita Promise is a bold, new vision that will provide free tuition to students in a high-tech, high-wage, career pathway, training with certifications and credentials, plus personalized career...

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