Fast Track Your Aviation Career

Move Yourself Up: Education With A Flight Plan

Certifying Workers- Ensuring Quality

The Aviation Industry Needs Skilled Workers

National Aviation Consortium

Our country’s aviation employers offer some of the best careers out there. But they can’t find enough skilled workers for the positions. Our solution: the National Aviation Consortium.

Fueled by Grant Funding and Technical Expertise in Education and Aviation.

Our consortium of technical and community colleges works closely with aerospace industry leaders. Developing accelerated, standardized programs for students to earn industry-recognized credentials. Tailoring training directly to real-world needs. Providing technology-enabled learning and simulated true-to-life training environments. Ensuring affordable, state-of-the-art technical education. 

Great Aviation Careers for Workers. Great Aviation Workers for Employers.

If ever there was a win-win, this is one. We plan to close manufacturing’s skilled-labor gap – reducing unemployment in a sector desperate for a trained workforce. Our outreach extends to people who have been laid off, are underemployed, Trade Adjustment Assistance-eligible workers, transitioning Veterans and those simply wanting to move up in the world. We call it education with a flight plan, you might just call it smart.


The NAC has a goal to train 2505 aviation students by September 30, 2015. By working with aviation and advanced manufacturing employers to develop the training , colleges will transition 1165 students into aviation careers through the six career pathways. Employer partners are critical to the success of the National Aviation Consortium to meet workforce needs.